Bypass dynamic categorization error

Encountering errors with dynamic categorization in SafeSquid. How can I effectively bypass ? Any practical tips or steps for a smooth operation would be valuable.

To bypass dynamic categorization custom categories are created with “.” In front of a category.
However in the latest release of SafeSquid version 2022.0826.1621.3 for the ‘.category’ default(vendor back) categories are applied to its referrer.

You can follow below setup to replicate the issue.
Turned on dynamic categorization.

Categorize to a category ‘. Avoid Dynamic Categorization’.
Click on the refresh button to refresh the category updates immediately.

Validate the category belongs to from and from CLI.

Now search and open the developer tools using F12 or ctrl + shift + i.
Category for of the first file / is applied as intended which is .Avoid Dynamic Categorization.

Category for for the file w3.css is applies incorrect/ additional default category has also been applied.

Because of which websites which are referrer to, category Information Security has been added. is not been added to category Information Security.

This is not the desired outcome when used ‘.category’