Excluding websites from dynamic categorization bug

Running into a issue while trying to exclude websites from dynamic categorization in SafeSquid. Any insights or workarounds for addressing this issue? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

SafeSquid Product Version - 2022.0718.1917.3
When trying to exclude websites for dynamic categorization “.category” is used.
However, if you use “.category” to exclude websites from dynamic categorization the default category of the website is applied to the referring website.

By default, https://www.safesquid.com/ belongs to default category “Information Security”

From SafeSquid interface add https://www.safesquid.com to “.exclude_dynamic_categorization”

Using developer tools validate category safesquid.com has been appended to.
https://www.safesquid.com has been added to custom category .exclude_dynamic_categorization and the default category “Information Security” is removed.

However, the websites which are referrer to https://www.safesquid.com has been appended to default category of safesquid.com “Information Security”

Check https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato website in a sperate tab or by turning of dynamic categorization.
https://fonts.googleapis.com is categorized as “Consumer Electronics” and not been appended to “Information Security”