How to Download configuration file - config.xml latest or any custom date

Need assistance in downloading the configuration file (config.xml) in SafeSquid. What are the steps or commands for this task? Appreciate any guidance!

SafeSquid allows to download the latest or previously saved configuration file.

This can be useful to if you want local copy of your configuration file or if you want to restore configuration back to an older dated policy.
This can also be used to review policy configuration or compare configuration files.

You can download configuration files from SafeSquid web interface.
Go to http://safesquid.cfg/

Click on support

In support section, click on Download Config

To download the latest configuration file, click on config.xml

Config.xml file is downloaded.

If you want custom configuration.
From the search bar you can search for a custom file according to the date.

It will show you the result if it found any matching results.
You can download the file just by clicking on the custom config.xml file.