ISO installation (base system installation error)

When installing ISO on VM ware I m facing the issue of base system installation error.

Hello Pankaj,

This error can occur due to Internet Connectivity, as this is a Net Installer ISO, it will require a Fast & Reliable Internet connection.
Please check you internet connectivity if it has some kind of distortion or sudden disconnect.

Also in order to see the Error Please switch to Console 4 by hitting:


This will open up the current Temp Sys where we can see the current installation Logs

Use the command

less /var/log/syslog

after it has opened up


NOTE: This will be shown in the bottom LEFT Corner
then use character “n” to move to the next error and reach the last ERROR Message and send a Snapshot

Keep Hitting “n” till you reach the last Searched Result.

Note: This is same like doing a search in Word using CTRL+F and then hitting BUTTON “Find Next” for next occurrence of the Searched String
We are doing same thing over here.
Finding the last Error to understand the Problem.