Multimedia contents (videos) of a website are blocked by SafeSquid

The Way SafeSquid Works is it can help you Create Broader and Narrower Policies.

For Example:
You can Create Policy to Block Multimedia Content for Allow.
In Order to do so, you can create a Policy as shown Below.

A Simple Multimedia Content Block Policy

This Above Policy will block Multimedia Content for All Users.
NOTE: Policy Aligned is one of the Important Aspects in Creating Proper Logical Policies

And SafeSquid Provide ways to Actually Narrow down the policy for Specific User, Specific Kind Of Website (using Category or Request Type) , Specific Kind of Application (Using Request Types), Etc Based on Time etc.

A Quick Example To Then Allow Multimedia for a Specific Group of User is

Note: “ALL MULTIMEDIA CONTENT” Response Type is a Pre Provided Signature in SafeSquid Default Policy if it is not Present (less chance) then create it as shown below in

Configure(Top Left 2nd ) >> Custom Setting (Left Panel 3rd) >> Response Types
Create a new Response Type by click on Orange ADD Button [Bottom Right]

And create a Response Type as Shown Below