Problem with Registration on this Forum

What is the process for account activation on this forum, and what should users do if they encounter issues with email delivery for the activation link?

After completing all the important information about yourself, the registration system sends and auto-generated email.

This email is recieved by the user on the email-id specified at the time of registration.
This email contains a link that must be clicked by the user, and this completes the process of registration, and activates the user’s account.
The user may now upload/download files, post, reply on various topics etc.

A few people have reported that they have failed to recieve any such email despite several attempts.
This is unfortunate and happens, because the email delivery depends on various factors like spam-blocks etc.

If you experience such a problem, please send a mail to -
Please send this mail from the email-id you have mentioned in your registration details. Also please do not forget to mention the username you have chosen in the registration process.
The administrator of this forum, promises to react earliest, by manually activating your registration.