SafeSquid Is Not Listening

My safesquid is not showing any active connection it’s displays is not listening. I’m able to get internet access and authenticate but it’s not displaying an active connection.

an you check the ‘Detailed log entries’ to see if SafeSquid is handling requests?

You can also tail the extended.log and native.log to check if there are any activities -
tail -F /var/log/safesquid/extended/extended.log
tail -F /var/log/safesquid/native/safesquid.log

Also verify if there are multiple instances of SafeSquid running on the server -
Command :
top -d1 -u ssquid

If there are, kill all instances and then start SafeSquid

looks like i have 10 instances runningany idea why?


Are you using monit to monitor Safesquid service ?
Please verify status of monit service -
command : /etc/init.d/monit status

In that case monit would have started mutiple instances.
Right now you can kill all the instances and if monit is running it will start Safesquid service if not then you can manually start it.