SafeSquid Subscription Expired/How to Extend Conservation Period

Subscription for SafeSquid has expired. What’s the process for extending the Subscription?

SafeSquid will now exhibit subscription expired promo if Safesquid instance has no active subscription.
Subscription expire promo is activated once the SafeSquid distribution license has expired.
Also, you can check your subscription validity from → Manage Account.

SafeSquid sends regular email remainders pre-expiration period.
Below is how you’ll witness SafeSquid subscription expired promo.

Once the subscription has expired security updates will be foreground.
The update frequencies will be as per the freemium plan:

  • Anti-Virus Engine Weekly Updates.

  • Web Categorization Engine Weekly updates.

  • Pornographic Image Filter AI Monthly updates.

  • SSL Security Weekly updates.

  • Application signature monthly updates.

  • Content signature Monthly Updates.

You can either manually update security updates by selecting “Update and Proceed” which takes about 10 seconds.

You can proceed immediately by selecting “Proceed immediately without updates” but proceeding without updates is not advisable as it may compromise end users.
If no options are selected SafeSquid will proceed without updates in 10 seconds.
To avoid getting expired promo you can either renew your subscription or extend your conservation period which extends it by 3 days.
During conservation period you’ll not get the expired promo.

To extend your conservation period follow below steps.

  • Go to Manage Account.

  • In Manage Account click on the “Extend Conservation Period”

  • You can validate extended conservation period from the date mentioned in the Support Validity section.
    (Note: Extend conservation button will disappear once your support validity has been extended)

  • Restart SafeSquid service from web interface for the changes to take effect.

  • Click on save config and restart

  • Select Yes if you want to store the configuration in cloud and click on submit

  • If you pass the extended conservation period and if the subscription has not been renewed, you’ll receive SafeSquid expired promo again.

  • Follow above steps to extend your conservation period again