Unable to download safesquid iso file

I have generated the activation key and downloaded it. But, when I am trying to download the SafeSquid ISO file from: http://downloads.safesquid.net/appliance/safesquid.iso
Then I am not getting any response or any type of error. It is not getting downloaded. I had previously Installed SafeSquid Windows package, but then I had not got any issues. But, the iso file is not getting downloaded.


I was able to replicate the Problem,

The Problem arises when you try to Click on Download SafeSquid ISO @ [https://key.safesquid.com](https://key.safesquid.com/)
The ISO file does not gets downloaded.

So why this Problem came

With New Google Chrome Version, it actually Blocks Mixed Content. Same is not a problem scenario in Firefox.
So, when you have a Website that is HTTPS and you a have a download link using Plain HTTP
Then New Chrome Browser Version After v85 does not allow user to download Content over Plain HTTP if the URL Bar is accessing a HTTPS Website.

For Further Details Please Refer this

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL4jGso9c78

Document Providing Details About Mixed Content Blocking in Chrome: https://blog.chromium.org/2020/02/prote … ecure.html

Yes, Now I can download when using the link in Firefox.