Unable to install safesquid using tar ball

Hello sir,
i am unable to install safesquid using tarball when i downloading safesquid using wget command its showing me error. i have followed given step:
1 /usr/local/src

2 wget http://downloads.safesquid.net/applianc … est.tar.gz

i have attached screenshot.please help me solve this problem

Hello ,
There are few things missing in this Query.
I will require few more details like the System stats, Setup etc.

But currently as we can see in the snapshot that you are logged in a Normal User
Whereas inorder to install SafeSquid you should be a ROOT USER or atleast Install it with user having ROOT Privileges i.e he can run the command using sudo

Now it also looks like that the Ubuntu that you have installed is Ubuntu Desktop
You Should use Ubuntu Server

Hello sir,
yes i have installed ubuntu Desktop.
thanks for you guidance i will install ubuntu server.