Unable to make secure connection with ethernet via Safesquid Proxy Server

Description:- When I doesn’t upload the certificate it shows me this error

Description:- After that I generate the certificate “from key.safesquid.com” and upload it in my Firefox browser
It show me this error

Description:- when I try to access the any site for example “www.google.com
It show me this error

Description:- Try to analyse the problem then I got the problem in file which is messing from the certificate section


Step: 1
Remove the certificate file from
Go to this Directory through cmd line

cd /usr/local/safesquid/security/ssl 

Type the below command to view the file inside this directory

ls -lrth 

Delete the files (ISSUER_File.pem, common_key.pem, ROOT_X509File.cer, ROOT_PrivateKeyFile.pem)

use to following command:

rm -f ISSUER_File.pem 
rm -rf common_key.pem 
rm -rf ROOT_X509File.cer 
rm -rf ROOT_PrivateKeyFile.pem 

Now re-generate the certificate from key.safesquid.com and import the same into the browser.

Now restart the safesquid services using command.

 /etc/init.d/safesquid restart 

Restart the browser.

And test it by searching for google.