Want to block all adult websites

i want to block all adult websites so do i have to set the image and text analyser
or only access profile rule will do the job?
i made the following rule is it sufficient

You can use SafeSquid’s default categorizes to block inappropriate adult contents, this will help you block just about all adult websites.
However if you are looking to create a stringent rule to also block surrogate websites which are not categorized as adult or inappropriate websites but contains adult or inappropriate contents, use SafeSquid’s Image Analyzer and Text Analyzer.

How Text Analyzer will help you?
Text Analyzer enables you to detect and restrict the access to websites which may contain inappropriate or pornographic content based on keyword scoring system.
When a keyword from the list of words specified in an entry is found, the page is given the score specified in that entry. The total score of the page is equal to the sum of the score of all the rules that matches.
You can find below document helpful to create rules in text analyzer.

How Image Analyzer will help you?
Image analyzer allows you to block inappropriate images by analyzing the graphical content of an image.
Images are given scores by analyzing the graphical content of an image, in real time.
-10.0 is unlikely to be porn, 0 is very likely.

However Image analyzer blocks images which are jpeg or png and images like aivf or webp are overlooked, you overcome this issue, you can use Content modifier rule to change the requested content type to jpeg and png.
You can find below post to create Content Modifier rule.

The rule which you made is faulty, it will only be applicable for connections who’s request type is advertisement and matches any of the select category.

I get it. I’ll work on fixing the rule so it works for more types of requests, not just advertising ones. Thanks for letting me know !